3.3 Is there anything I should do when I arrive at my post?

Before you get to your post, you should make sure that you leave plenty of time get there and locate your post. For the vast majority of locations, you will not be able to get there once the roads have closed. When you arrive you will need to find a safe place to park. There are usually designated parking areas for the marshals and medics. The marshals at your post will be able to advise you.

The team of marshals at your location will be organized and run by the Deputy Sector Marshal (DSM). You should find that person and introduce yourself to him or her. Once at your location you should also inform Medical Control in the control tower that you have arrived. You can do this by texting 07624 365531 or by phoning 01624 644607. The Medical Control is manned from approximately 30mins before roads close for practices and 1hr before roads close for race days and will stay manned until the roads open again. If you haven’t got a phone with you, or if you are unable to get a mobile phone signal, you can ask the DSM to radio in to Control on his or her tetra radio to let us know that you have arrived.

Within each team of marshals there will be one marshal whose job it is to look after the casualty, and to assist you in doing the same. You should find that person and check with them that you both know what each of you is going to do in the event of an incident. It isn’t a good idea to run two or three hundred yards down the road to attend a casualty only to find that neither of you remembered to take the Immediate Care Case!

Before racing starts it is a good idea to check the equipment at your location. There will be an orange Immediate Care Case, a scoop stretcher and a red vinyl head support. The contents of the Immediate Care Cases are checked regularly to make sure that they are fit for purpose. The case will be sealed with a yellow plastic tag which snaps off if you need to get into the case. Feel free to look in the case to familiarise yourself with the contents, but if you do please re-seal the case with a new yellow tag. There are spare tags inside the case for this purpose.

After that you should sit back, relax, and enjoy the racing!