3.2 What do I need to bring with me?

Do I need to bring any equipment with me?

All of the equipment that you need will be provided for you. At your location you will find an orange Immediate Care Case.

The cases are provided for us by The Rob Vine Fund. There are NO drugs in the cases. At your location there will also be a scoop stretcher for transporting any casualties. In addition to the supplies at each location, the 2 medical helicopters are both fully equipped for resuscitation including a wide range of drugs that may be required in pre-hospital care.

Of course, if you have a favourite stethoscope feel free to bring it with you!

Do I need to bring any drugs with me?

It goes without saying that we are talking about medical drugs for use in treating a casualty! As mentioned above, and in line with MSA guidance, there are no drugs in the Immediate Care Cases, and if you are travelling from the UK we generally advise that people do not bring controlled drugs with them.

If you are dealing with a casualty that requires analgesia, you can rest assured that a Medical Crew will be on their way to you, and they carry a full range of drugs used in Pre-hospital Care.

What should I wear when on duty?

You should appreciate that once you are at your location, and the roads have closed, you will not be able to leave until they open again.You should take warm and waterproof clothing with you. The Isle of Man has not built it’s reputation as the Road Racing Capital of the World because of it’s weather!

You may well end up carrying a casualty over rough terrain so appropriate footwear is essential. You will be provided with a yellow tabard identifying you as a Doctor or Paramedic, and this should be worn on top of your clothes at all times when on duty on the course.

Is there anything I should or shouldn’t take with me?

Although the evening practice sessions are not too long, the race days can last up  to twelve hours so you should be prepared. Take food and drink and anything else you feel you might need such as a book!

It is really helpful if you take a mobile phone with you to allow us to contact you should we need to. It will  also allow  us to keep you updated via our group text system in the event of delays etc. When you are on duty on the course, it is not appropriate for you to be trying  to  get that close up picture of John McGuiness that you always wanted, so your new Nikon will need to stay at home!