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Pre-TT Classic (Billown)
 Fri 26th May 2023: 18.00–21.00hrs Sat 27th May 2023: 09.00–17.00hrs Sun 28th May 2023: 12.00–17.00hrs

TT Practice Week
 Mon 29th May 2023: 18.00–21.30hrs Tues 30th May 2023: 18.00–21.30hrs Weds 31st May 2023: 18.00–21.30hrs Thurs 1st June 2023: 2023 18.00–21.30hrs Fri 2nd June 2023: 12.30–16.30hrs Fri 2nd June 2023: 18.00–21.30hrs (Reserve practice session)

TT Race Week
 Sat 3rd June 2023: 09.00–no later than 21.0hrs (Race day) Sun 4th June 2023: 12.00–17.00hrs (Race afternoon) Mon 5th June 2023: 11.00–no later than 21.00hrs (Reserve race day) Tues 6th June 2023: 10.00–no later than 21.00hrs (Race day) Wed 7th June 2023: 10.00–no later than 21.00hr (Race day) Thurs 8th June 2023: 11.00-no later than 21.00hrs (Reserve race day) Fri 9th June 2023: 10.00–no later than 21.00hrs (Race day) Sat 10th June 2023: 10.00–17.00hrs (Race day)