1.2 Do I get paid for working as a Doctor or Paramedic?

All of the Doctors and Paramedics that work for us on the Mountain Course or the Billown Course are classed as volunteers. However we are able to make a contribution towards your expenses.

The amount that we will be able to pay depends upon the number of medics we have in total, and the number of Practice Sessions and Race Days that each individual covers. We have a fixed pot of money to pay expenses out of and we will pay it all out each year! The payments made to Doctors and Paramedics per Practice or Race is the same.

As a rough guide we would expect to pay something in the region of £50 per Practice Session and a similar amount per Race (bearing in mind that most Race Days have 2 races). This would mean that a Doctor or Paramedic who covered all of the practices and all of the races might expect to receive somewhere in the region of £600-£700. Obviously, for those that covered fewer sessions the total paid would be lower.

We appreciate that coming to the Isle of Man is a huge commitment both in time and financially, and we know that the actual cost is often higher than we are able to pay. We are enormously thankful for the dedication of all of the Doctors and Paramedics who are so generous with their time. For most, the motivation seems to be the chance to be involved in a unique event that could not be replicated anywhere else in the world!