2017 Roadracing events update


From Manx Roadracing Medical Services LLC

We are pleased to say that we have started the recruitment process for Doctors and Paramedics wanting to work with us on any of the 2017 events. The dates for the events are as follows

Pre-TT Classic:                    Friday 26th May-Monday 29th May 2017

TT 2017:                                Saturday 27th May-Saturday 10th June 2017

Post-TT Races:                     Saturday/Sunday 10th/11th June 2017

Southern 100 Races:            Monday 10th July-Thursday 13th July 2017

Festival of Motorcycling:     Saturday 19th August-Saturday 2nd September 2017

Doctors and Paramedics who have worked with us before should have received an email form us about the registration process but if we haven’t been in touch and you want to register you can do so on the Registration page here

There are a few important bits of information to make you aware of for this year’s events.

Firstly, we are pleased to say that we will be continuing the Medical Malpractice Insurance arrangements that we introduced for the first time last year. Under these arrangements, any Doctor or Paramedic that works for us (during any of the events that we provide medical services for) will be covered by the Medical Malpractice Insurance, so there is no need for anyone to make their own Medical Malpractice arrangements. We would, however, point out that the cover does not extend to any work undertaken outside of the above events. If Doctors or Paramedics want to volunteer to work alongside the Isle of Man Police during the TT, they will need to make sure that appropriate Medical Malpractice cover is in place for those activities.

Secondly, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to offer medics the option of staying in The Hoggery during either of the events run on the Mountain Course. Camping under the trees at the bottom of the paddock will still be available, and we are currently talking to the Department to try to ensure that there will be an area specifically reserved for medics who want to camp. We hope to secure enough space for 6-8 tents, but the negotiations are still ongoing at the moment. We will update you as and when we can. For people that do choose to camp, they will still be able to use the bathroom and kitchen facilities at The Hoggery, courtesy of the Rob Vine Fund. If you do want to camp, please contact Stuart Greaves and let him know by emailing stuart@mrms.im

For all medics that do register with us for 2017 events, we will keep you up to date with any developments by email.

Gareth, Gruff and Sally

Manx Roadracing Medical Services LLC