TT 2018 Almost here!

Racing starts today on the Colas Billown Course with the Blackford’s Pre-TT Classic.

Tomorrow sees the start of the TT with the first practice at 6pm. Don’t forget that the Mountain Road is one way in the Ramsey to Douglas direction for the duration of the event. Roads start to close earlier on the Mountain Road than elsewhere. You can get the road closing times on the TT Handbill below.

TT Handbill 2018

There is a briefing for the Medical Team on Sunday 27th May at 10am. This will be held in Keyll Darree at Nobles Hospital. If there is any change to the timing we will let you know.

The following Sunday, 3rd June, we are holding the 7th DBS TT Trauma Symposium.  This will also be held at Keyll Darree. Registration is from 8.15am and the Symposium will start at 8.30am. We are grateful to Prometheus Medical for sponsoring the event. The programme for the Symposium is below.

The 7th DBS TT Trauma Symposium